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Why is Kappa Bioscience Doing This?

We believe that science is the key to success.
Although vitamin MK-7 assay tests can cost up to 1,000 Euro per test, Kappa is making this investment to help ensure the healthy development of the vitamin K2 market.
Testing ensures that consumers get value-for-money, expected health benefits, and that brands are protected from the repercussions of quality shortfalls. 

The idea for this program arose in a live discussion during Kappa’s September 2017 vitamin K2 Expert Panel Webinar.
Our science was challenged. This offer is our response. It builds upon Kappa’s long track record of investing in the science of vitamin K2 and vitamin K2 analysis. 

We look forward to your participation. 

Egil Greve 
CEO Kappa Bioscience

Why are we offering this?

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