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Magnificent Magnesium has the super-chill power to Relax. Magnesium relaxes muscle, regulates cardiac function and rhythm, and regulates vascular muscle tone. Magnificent Magnesium leaves behind a trail of super arterial flexibility in his wake. The mysticalscrolls of EFSA record that magnesium contributes to the maintenance of normal muscle function.

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The Bone Health Triangle®

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Bone Health

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The K2 Formulations LookBook, now in its fourth edition, defines over 130 ready-to-launch bone health, heart health and multivitamin K2 product concepts. The LookBook is designed to shorten the product development cycle, from months to weeks or days.

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Kappa offers a wide range of product formats and concentrations, each tailored to optimal performance and price-point in product solutions. Our distributors and sales teams draw on deep K2 formulation experience – contact us to discuss options.

Magnesium carbonatePowder≥ 28% magnesiumheavy, precipitated
PressMAG® magnesium carbonateDC≥ 21% magnesiumtailor-made precipitated
Magnesium oxidePowder≥ 59% magnesiumseawater precipitation, burning
Magnesium oxideDC≥ 59% magnesiumseawater precipitation, burning
Tri magnesium dicitrate anhydrousPowder≥ 15% magnesiumprecipitation
Tri magnesium dicitrate 9 H2OPowder≥ 8% magnesiumprecipitation

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