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K2 Stability

K2VITAL® DELTA – solid as a rock because stability matters!

K2 Stability - Quality & Safety

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Kappa Bioscience discovered the instability of vitamin K2 MK-7 in organic-alkaline environments

In 2013, Kappa Bioscience began an analytical program by testing 101 vitamin K2 products for stability or label claim. These products were purchased from retailer shelves in a variety of product formats and formulations. Surprisingly, 81% of products tested did not meet the stated label claim for vitamin K2 MK-7 content. In fact, four-of-ten products had no detectable vitamin K2 content at all. It was clear that the vitamin K2 market required a closer look, and that a change was needed. Kappa Bioscience was the first company to understand this.

Kappa investigations eventually centered upon a fundamental characteristic of vitamin K2. As a fat-soluble vitamin unprotected K2 can degrade in certain environments and formulations. Vitamin K2 MK-7 is particularly susceptible to degradation in combination with minerals, notably calcium, magnesium, other harsh organic-alkaline environments or krill. This is particularly problematic for K2 because calcium and magnesium are central to many bone and heart health product formulations.

Without a technical solution to these problems, unprotected K2 will degrade in such formulations, often at a very rapid rate (that would preclude manufacturing overage as a solution). As such, unprotected vitamin K2-plus-mineral products are significantly likely to miss K2 label claim, and by a margin unacceptable to consumers and brands.

Development of K2VITAL® DELTA

To solve the inherent K2 stability problem, Kappa Bioscience developed protected, microencapsulated K2VITAL® DELTA which features two waterdispersible coatings that make the K2 MK-7 more resistant to harsh environments. The patented K2VITAL® DELTA microencapsulation process provides the cornerstone of this innovation. In this process, the emulsion of K2 is followed by atomization and a modified spray drying process with a powdering agent. A starch layer on the outside of the 300 micron beadlet (average) protects the vitamin K2 oil droplets. This solution creates a stable MK-7 molecule and a product with good flow and handling properties. K2VITAL® DELTA provides extra tolerance in manufacturing and will deliver testable, provable product stability with less overage in product manufacturing.

K2VITAL® DELTA: superior stability

The superior stability of K2VITAL® DELTA ensures that calcium, magnesium and multivitamin products will have a longer shelf-life and that finished products meet label claim. Protected, microencapsulated K2VITAL® DELTA provides the only economical solution for those market categories relying on calcium or magnesium.

Compared to natural-fermented K2 MK-7, K2VITAL® DELTA is stable because of its double- coated protection. K2VITAL® DELTA offers the assurance of stability with over two years of long-term stability testing, demonstrating minimal loss of K2 even at accelerated temperatures.

K2VITAL® vitamin K2 MK-7 regulates the extrahepatic movement and uptake of calcium in the body - or more simply K2 regulates the distribution of calcium.

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Purity: all-trans vitamin K2 MK-7 (USP).
Quality: GMP, HACCP, ISO 22000:2005 manufacturing and distribution standards.
Stability: Patent-pending microencapsulation technology ensures stability in challenging formulations.
Long shelf life in finished products: 36 months shelf life on all ingredients; supported by extensive stability data on ingredients and finished formulations.
Approvals: Novel Food (EU), TGA (AUS), GRAS (USA), drug registration in India (2017). Application processes are initiated in countries including China, Thailand and others. Kosher and Halal certifications.

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