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Manufacturing and Analytical Services

Kappa Bioscience was founded on a platform created by Synthetica AS, the first company to develop and patent a K2 MK-7 synthesis method. In 2016 Synthetica became Kappa Chemistry, bringing fully in-house unparalleled vitamin K experience, a full cGMP certified lab, and a portfolio of organic chemistry and analytical service offerings. In-sourced production of K2VITAL® and other ingredients provides Kappa full control the value chain, and a full portfolio of analytical products and services, including the USP certified Reference Standard for K2 MK-7.

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Custom Synthesis and API Development

With nearly two decades of experience (as Synthetica) Kappa Chemistry provides a full platform for custom molecule and API development for the pharmaceutical and dietary supplements industries. Kappa specializes in custom synthesis, drug development and the synthesis and analysis of non-commercial organic chemicals on a milligram-to-kilogram scale. Service spans preparation of starting materials, intermediates, biologically active drugs and reference compounds - enabling the fulfillment of customer-specific requirements. Kappa Bioscience is a GMP certified API contract laboratory.

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