Custom Synthesis and API Development

Kappa Chemistry specializes in custom synthesis, API and molecule development for the pharmaceutical and dietary supplements industries in a GMP certified API contract laboratory.

The Kappa team of experience chemists has significant experience in exploratory and collaborative R&D synthesis. Our team-oriented and dedicated chemists will support your R&D and product research, including:

Contract R&D

Kappa can serve and extend your chemistry department, supplement existing resources and maximizing research productivity. Kappa Chemistry offers collaboration in the discovery of novel compounds. All projects are approached with full confidentiality and timely, high-quality service.

  • Custom Synthesis
    • Reference compounds
    • Pharmaceutical intermediates
    • Metabolites
  • Literature Searches and Evaluation
  • Route Development
  • Structure Elucidation

Custom Organic Synthesis

Synthesis of non-commercial organic chemicals
Preparation of drugs, starting materials, intermediates and reference compound
Delivery on a mg to 100-gram scale
Full range of services to meet varying needs and requirements

Chemical synthesis is an essential part of drug development. Outsourcing represents an efficient and cost-effective way to ensure timely and effective passage of new drug compounds through the development pipeline. Kappa can serve as your primary chemistry department, or extend and supplement your existing resources - maximizing your research productivity.

Kappa specializes in custom synthesis for the pharmaceutical industry and synthesis of non-commercial organic chemicals. We carry out preparation of starting materials, intermediates, biologically active drugs and reference compounds on milligram to kilogram scale. We offer collaboration in the discovery of novel compounds.

Our goal is to deliver the highest quality custom synthesis possible - effectively and efficiently - at a competitive price. We have broad experience in the synthesis of organic compounds of wide structural variety and nearly two decades of experience in satisfying organic synthesis requirements for our clients.

cGMP Synthesis

Kappa Chemistry is equipped with laboratory facilities run according to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). The facilities are routinely inspected by the Norwegian Medicines Agency. Kappa has a solid track-record has producing APIs under GMP of over 5 years. Kappa can accommodate a wide range of chemical processes.

Our team of experienced scientists is skilled in the transference, development, and validation of analytical methods. We will work with you to meet your complex analytical needs. Kappa, together with partners, has a modern, in-house QC department responsible for the release of raw materials, in-process and final release testing, and offers additional QC services including fully compliant ICH stability studies.

Deuterated Internal Standards

Many methods use an internal standard for quantitative analysis. An internal standard is used when performing bioanalysis with mass spectrometry detection.

Internal standards provide several advantages, e.g. minimizing or masking the variations resulting from sample preparation and extractions. An appropriate internal standard will therefore give a measure of control for extraction, HPLC injection and ionization variability. Generally, because of the abundance of hydrogen in organic molecules, the use of deuterium is preferred.

Kappa can assist by synthesizing a deuterated version of the molecule you want to quantify - ensuring an essential component for a robust high throughput bioanalytical method.

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