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Market Study 2010-2019

Market Study 2010-2019

Vitamin K2 Quality & Stability in Consumer Products


Unprotected vitamin K2 MK-7 is not stable in combination with calcium or magnesium.
Kappa solved K2+minerals stability by developing microencapsulated K2VITAL® DELTA. Stable, protected DELTA allows K2 to be included in bone and cardiovascular health products that include minerals and deliver the amount of K2 listed on the label.  

Kappa Bioscience launched K2VITAL® premium K2 MK-7 in 2010 and has since conducted hun­dreds of quality tests on K2 consumer products. Testing has consistently shown that MK-7 is not stable in some formulations, that product quality can vary widely regarding the amount of K2 measured vs. claimed, and that many products contain high ratios of biologically inactive/inert MK-7.  

Kappa’s testing results have been published in yearly studies since 2016. This 2019 study summarizes testing from 2010 to 2019 on 409 unique K2 consumer products purchased globally. The study demonstrates progress in the K2 market and the need for continued monitoring.  

Of 233 products using competitive MK-7 in a mineral formulation, only 16% met label claim. Of 109 competitive MK-7 non-mineral formulations, only 50% met label claim. 52 products of both types demonstrated high levels of biologically inactive cis MK-7. K2VITAL® products performed to specification.

Kappa’s Market Study 2019 concludes:

  • Standard, unprotected K2 MK-7 is not stable in mineral formulations – even high-purity K2 ingredient.
  • Unprotected K2+minerals products do not deliver on label claim, depriving consumers of K2 health benefits and providing low value-for-money.
  • K2VITAL® DELTA microencapsulated K2 MK-7 is a proven solution.
  • Stability is not the only quality challenge for K2 consumer products. Many K2-only and K2 non-mineral formulations also missed label claim. Many included biologically inactive cis isomer MK-7.
  • Unified testing under one authority, adherence to an Ethical Label standard, and transparent blockchain-enabled supply chain documentation can ensure consumer trust and products that deliver on promises.

Download Market study 2010-2019

Download Market Study 2010-2019

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