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Kappa may not be able to conduct all test request, but in all cases, will strive to provide information or data which would be helpful to address questions of vitamin K2 stability, quality or formulation. Note that testing provides the most accurate results on products at least 3-6 months from date of manufacture.  

Test Method and Validation 

Vitamin K2 product label claim tests are conducted on finished product samples using a validated HPLC method for products including vitamin K2 MK-7. The general principle of the analysis method is determination of MK-7 by HPLC with UV detection at 270 nm, and external standard calibration. MK-7 is released from the matrix by a process of adding water/ethanol to the product, followed by extraction of the vitamin in ethyl acetate. Up to 10% of samples are cross-validated by third party independent labs as part of a formal testing verification program. 

Bi-Lateral Confidentiality

Request for testing will be held confidential by Kappa. Test Requesters must demonstrate a provable proprietary interest in the tested product, including, but not limited to: manufacturer, brand owner or retailer. Results and data that include product name or manufacturer are subject to bi-lateral confidentiality and will not, or may not, be published without permission. Kappa will have the right to use results, minus any identifying information regarding product name, manufacturer or brand, in secondary analysis or reporting. Branded, identifiable test results may be used by a Test Requestor, without permission, within in the context of private business discussions within their supply chain. By requesting a vitamin K2 test via the Request Form, these terms are agreed.

Legal Disclaimer

Kappa will not be held liable for any losses as a result of testing.

Other Analytical Services

Kappa Chemistry, an independent Kappa Bioscience group company, can provide additional analytical services and resources, including long-term stability testing, purity K2 testing, reference samples, monograph development and consulting. 



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