Vitamin K2 Label Claim Testing

Who’s Data to Trust When it Comes to stability? 

Trust your data. In the final analysis, we think that your data for your specific products is the only data that really matters. Testing results that confirm that your products are delivering on promises of quality and performance made to your consumers, brands and retailers. 

We believe so strongly in this that we are willing to make the following testing offer: 

We will test - confidentially and free-of-charge - your vitamin K2-plus-minerals finished product. We will also test vitamin K2-only finished products where the quality of the vitamin K2 may be in doubt.

Send us a sample and we will, using the standard USP monograph assay method for MK-7, provide you confidential and independently verified label claim results at no cost (MK-7 quantity vs. stated label claim). We will also provide a measure of the bioactive vitamin K2 MK-7 (trans) vs. inactive vitamin K2 (cis) if the initial results warrant further testing.  

How to Test Your Product:

Complete the vitamin K2 Testing Request Form and we will respond with instructions or with follow-up questions. The primary conditions are: 

Vitamin K2-plus-mineral products, excluding Vitamin K2-only products where the vitamin K2 quality or type (MK-7 vs. MK-4, trans vs. cis) may be in doubt and that the Requester has a proprietary interest in the product at some point in the supply chain.

Note that we may not be able to satisfy all testing requests, but will strive to provide helpful information or data in all cases. 



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