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Kappa Bioscience takes pride in offering only the highest quality ingredients for nutritional supplementation and based on the self-affirmed GRAS approval, our K2 MK-7 can also be used in conventional food. While K2VITAL® vitamin K2 MK-7 provides the cornerstone, Kappa offers a range of bone and heart health category ingredients in a wide range of forms and concentrations.

Vitamin K2: Kid K2

The Kid is the newcomer to Planet Supplement – that’s why they call him the ‘Kid.’ His superpower is to activate osteocalcin which integrates calcium into bone. Without Kid K2, calcium cannot do its job effectively. Kid K2 also activates MGP protein, which binds excess calcium to prevent calcium deposit in the arteries.

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Vitamin K2 DELTA

A special double laid security spaceship solves kid K2’s one weakness. Vitamin K2 is with this double Protected, microencapsulated K2VITAL® DELTA stable in formulations with minerals. This ensures vitamin K2 stability, shelf-life and label claim in challenging formulations that include calcium or magnesium and becomes with that THE superhero within this group of superheroes on the bone and heart health planet.

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Magnesium: Magnificent Magnesium

Magnificent Magnesium has the super-chill power to Relax. Magnesium relaxes muscle, regulates cardiac function and rhythm, and regulates vascular muscle tone. Magnificent Magnesium leaves behind a trail of super arterial flexibility in his wake. The mysticalscrolls of EFSA record that magnesium contributes to the maintenance of normal muscle function.

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Calcium: Captain Calcium

Captain Calcium is the leader of the Bone Health Triangle™ superhero team. His power is to integrate calcium into bones and teeth to make them strong. The Captain has one weakness. Without K2-activated MGP proteins, his calcification superpowers can get out-of-hand, calcifying soft tissues in the body. Activated MGP binds Captain Calcium so that he won’t be deposited in arteries. K2-activated MGP prevents Captain Calcium from transforming into an artery-calcifying supervillain.

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Vitamin D3: Dr. D3

Dr. D3 is the sidekick to Captain Calcium. His superpower is to absorb calcium through the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream, where the Captain is avail - able to build strong bones and teeth.

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