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Captain Calcium is the leader of the Bone Health Triangle™ superhero team. His power is to integrate calcium into bones and teeth to make them strong. The Captain has one weakness. Without K2-activated MGP proteins, his calcification superpowers can get out-of-hand, calcifying soft tissues in the body. Activated MGP binds Captain Calcium so that he won’t be deposited in arteries. K2-activated MGP prevents Captain Calcium from transforming into an artery-calcifying supervillain.

Calcified Atlantic Seaweed® is a natural mineral complex rich in calcium and magnesium. The fine algae powder is categorized as wholefood product. Consequently, it is produced without additives, solvents or chemicals. The ingredient is free of allergens and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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Calcified Atlantic Seaweed®

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The K2 Formulations LookBook, now in its fifth edition, defines over 150 ready-to-launch bone health, heart health and multivitamin K2 product concepts. The LookBook is designed to shorten the product development cycle, from months to weeks or days.

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Kappa offers a wide range of product formats and concentrations, each tailored to optimal performance and price-point in product solutions. Our distributors and sales teams draw on deep K2 formulation experience – contact us to discuss options.

Calcified Atlantic Seaweed®Powder≥ 32% calciumplant-derived calcium
Calcified Atlantic Seaweed®DC≥ 28% calciumplant-derived calcium
Calcium carbonatePowder≥ 39% calciumprecipitated & natural
PressCAL® calcium carbonateDC≥ 37% calciumtailor-made precipitated & natural
Oyster shell calciumPowder≥ 38% calciumnatural
PressCAL® oyster shellDC≥ 35% calciumtailor-made natural
Tri calcium citrate 4 H2OPowder≥ 20% calciumprecipitated

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