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The Kardio Health Triangle

... only protected, microencapsulated vitamin K2. It provides superior stability in challenging mineral formulations, allowing products to meet label claim. Vitamin B1 - for heart health Thiamine plays an...


The Bone Health Triangle Capsule

... minerals. K2VITAL® Puts Calcium in Balance™ Vitamin K2 as Menaquinone-7 is the superior bone health form of all K vitamins. A 72h half-life in blood serum and outstanding bioavailability ensure that the bone...


Cardio Triple Strength

... Dosage Form and Benefits EPA and DHA in high concentration provide cardiovascular benefits in the Cardio K2VITAL® Triple Strength Vegicaps® Capsules formulation. Vitamins K2 and D3 deliver additional heart...


Why are we doing this?

... warrant further testing.   How to Test Your Product: Complete the vitamin K2 Testing Request Form and we will respond with instructions or with follow-up questions. The primary conditions...



... measured how much of the uncarboxylated osteocalcin (ucOC) was transformed into the carboxylated form (cOC) after activation by MK-7. As expected from known K2 activity, blood concentrations of ucOC...


K2KidsVital Soft Chew

... K2KidsVITAL™ provides these three important nutrients in one convenient, child-friendly dosage format. K2KidsVITAL™ Soft Chews serve a second market need in the one-stop dosing of these important...


K2VITAL Choco Bar

... bones. CHOCOWISE® Strong Bones combines vitamins K2 MK-7 and D3 in a delicious chocolate bite dosage format suitable for adults and children alike. Protected, microencapsulated K2VITAL® DELTA provides added...


K2VITAL Chewing Gums

... an analytical reference. Food Supplement with Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3 in a convenient product form as Chewing gum


The Bone Health Triangle Forte

... bone mass, while preventing arterial calcification. K2VITAL® vitamin K2 MK-7 is the most efficient form of vitamin K2 as it absorbs easiest, reaches every part of your body, and is available the longest. The...



... Kappa Bioscience reveals free vitamin K2 MK-7 quality testing program More Information Formulation next-generation vitamin k2 More Information Kappa Bioscience announces vitamin K2 stability project More...

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