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Introduction of K2

... low, all products containing calcium or D3 can benefit from formulation extensions that include K2VITAL®. fileadmin/content/factsheets/7-Bone-health/image_03.png left middle 1 1 0 0



... is the primary technological innovation which makes mass-market commercialization possible. With K2VITAL®, Kappa Bioscience was the first company to launch a K2 produced in a synthesis production process –...


Daily Dosage & Overage

... overdose amount must also compensate for the decomposition of vitamin K2 during its minimum shelf. K2VITAL® products normally have a shelf life of 36 months from their date of manufacture. The precondition...


4 Kardio

... matrix GLA protein (MGP) to bind excess calcium and promote improved arterial flow and flexibility. K2VITAL® DELTA is the only protected, microencapsulated vitamin K2. DELTA provides superior stability in...


Different Forms of K

... μg of MK-7 once a day meets the daily requirement compared to 45,000 μg of MK-4 three times a day. K2VITAL® is 100% pure MK-7 and is, therefore, one of the best supplements to combat K2 deficiency regardless of...


Different Forms of K

...The Different Vitamins in the K Family K2Vital® production by synthesis – a millestone achieved Vitamin K1 (phylloquinone) is considered as the major dietary source of vitamin K, accounting for approximately 90% of...


Bone Health

... and worse it can be deposited in arteries in the form of plaque (a risk factor for heart disease). K2VITAL® vitamin K2 MK-7 has been the unsung hero in the Bone Health Triangle®, but this is beginning to...



... Water, Acidifier (Citric and Malic acid), Acidity regulator (Sodium citrate), Menaquinone-7 (K2VITAL®), Cholecalciferol, Natural flavouring, Colouring food (Concentrate from Pumpkin, Spirulina and...


Experience K2

... Each solves an existing market problem or addresses a health segment or consumer group in a new way. K2VITAL® vitamin K2 MK-7 provides the central ingredient in each of the 15 products. Partners provided...


... menaquinone-7. We are proud to launch the first man-made menaquionone-7 in its natural form - as K2VITAL®. Our research is conducted globally
 Production is established in the US as well as Europe

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