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K2 Deficiency

... Our diets are low in vitamin K2 and there is a vitamin K2 deficiency in all populations Animal products and certain fermented food products such as cheese are the primary sources of vitamin K2. The daily intake of...


K2 Stability

... environments In 2013, Kappa Bioscience began an analytical program by testing 101 vitamin K2 products for stability or label claim. These products were purchased from retailer shelves in a variety of...


Experience K2

... All ExperienceCard products are ready-to-launch concepts that are available for global market introduction. Each ExperienceCard concept represents a novel product formulation that is specifically designed to leverage...


... five largest dietary supplement categories: calcium, omega-3, magnesium and A-to-Z multivitamins. Products containing any of these ingredients or those targeting health categories using these ingredients...


K2 Stability

... stability The superior stability of K2VITAL® DELTA ensures that calcium, magnesium and multivitamin products will have a longer shelf-life and that finished products meet label claim. Protected,...



... the EU. Global brands such as PG&T via its Swisse brand have launched broad-appeal vitamin K2 products. For example, Swisse launched a range of multivitamins under the Ultivite® product line aimed at...


K2 Stability

... would preclude manufacturing overage as a solution). As such, unprotected vitamin K2-plus-mineral products are significantly likely to miss K2 label claim, and by a margin unacceptable to consumers and...


Different Forms of K

... biological activity. The most important types of K2 are MK-4 and MK-7. They are found in animal products such as meat, dairy, eggs (mainly MK-4) and fermented food such as cheese, yogurt, and natto, a...



... Fermentation-derived K2 products have been shown in clinical studies to prevent and reverse arterial calcification and improve bone mineral density in healthy postmenopausal women. Since K2VITAL® is a synthetic MK-7...


Introduction of K2

... for the maintenance of healthy bones. Since dietary intakes of vitamin K2 are generally low, all products containing calcium or D3 can benefit from formulation extensions that include K2VITAL®....

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