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... K2VITAL® Soft Gums™ An innovative vitamin K2 delivery dosage form brought to market by iNNutriGEL and Kappa Bioscience. Vitamin K2 MK-7 is critical for bone health and is especially important in childhood. Children...



... K2VITAL® Reference Standard is essential for any company using Vitamin K2 MK-7 for consumer applications and for companies that provide analytical services. As a primary grade reference standard, the K2VITAL® standard...


Daily Dosage & Overage

... The shelf life of vitamin K2 preparations in combination: K2 in combination with other ingredients can provide superior health benefits. For example, in the field of bone health, staple ingredients include calcium,...


Different Forms of K

... Vitamin K2, menaquinones, differ in their chain length and their biological activity. The most important types of K2 are MK-4 and MK-7. They are found in animal products such as meat, dairy, eggs (mainly MK-4) and...



... mothers caused by vertebral fractures. K2 supplementation has been shown to relieve this pain. Vitamin K2 MK-7 is the best choice of vitamin K as it gives the body a much stronger vitamin K boost...


Different Forms of K

... Although all vitamin K forms are Comparison of different K vitamins absorbed to varying degrees in the presence of fat, vitamin K1 and MK-4 quickly disappears from circulation in the body (half-life of 1 to 2 hours)...



... could improve bone quality in children and adolescents Healthy children can, in fact, suffer from a vitamin K deficiency to the great disadvantage of their current and future bone health. Such children might...


The Bone Health Triangle Forte

... (BHT) includes three strong partners in support of bone health. BHT combines calcium with the vitamin D3 and K2VITAL® vitamin K2 MK-7 (Menaquinone-7). Vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 ensure that calcium is...


Heart Health

... K2VITAL® activates MGP In the presence of vitamin K2, MGP is activated by carboxylation to become cMGP, which interacts with calcium in the bloodstream and regulates calcification in the vessel walls. With low levels...



... Kappa Bioscience as supplier of the reference standard, due to the superior quality of Kappa‘s vitamin K2 MK-7 reference standard. Kappa is also involved with the USP with regards to method development,...

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