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... Kappa Bioscience as supplier of the reference standard, due to the superior quality of Kappa‘s vitamin K2 MK-7 reference standard. Kappa is also involved with the USP with regards to method development,...


Cardio Double Strength

... deliver the cardiovascular benefits of EPA and DHA alongside the calcium-mediating benefits of vitamin K2 and D3. The EPA and DHA from fish oils in Cardio K2VITAL®Double Strength Vegicaps® Capsules...


K2KidsVital Soft Chew

... Food Supplement with Vitamins K2 and Vitamin D3 plus Omega-3 for developing children per Portion% NRV Vitamin K2 MK-7 25 μg 100* Fish Oil Concentrate DHA 250 mg EPA 50 mg Total Omega-3 335mg Vitamin D3 10 μg...


KHT Magtein

... K2 and Magtein® essential magnesium for heart health and a brain and cognitive health ‘boost.’ Vitamin K2 activates matrix Gla proteins (MGP) which bind excess calcium to prevent unhealthy calcification of...


Manufacturing and Analytical Services

... Reference Standard is the only standard substance specifically available for the analysis of Vitamin K2 MK-7 in dietary supplements, nutraceutical raw materials and finished products. The Reference...


The Kardio Health Triangle

... improved arterial flow and flexibility. K2VITAL® DELTA is the only protected, microencapsulated vitamin K2. It provides superior stability in challenging mineral formulations, allowing products to meet...


Calcified Atlantic Seaweed®

... stability data on all inclusive “Bone Health Formulations”,including Calcified Atlantic Seaweed®, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 as MK-7. An integral part of any bone health formulation, Calcified Atlantic Seaweed®...


Cardio Double Strength

... positioning provided by K2VITAL® vitamin K2 and D3. Both mediate cal- cium in the body. Vitamin K2 by activating matrix Gla proteins (MGP) which help protect the heart against unhealthy...


K2VITAL Perfect Pair

... Food Supplement with Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3 per Portion% NRV Vitamin K2 MK-7 80 μg 107 Vitamin D3 37,5 μg 750 Health application Target group Daily portion Shelf life ...



... Dr Inger Reidun Aukrust, together with her team, discovered a process to produce all-trans Vitamin K2, MK-7, using natural compounds such as geraniol and farnesol in a strictly controlled synthesis...

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