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K2 Stability

... Kappa investigations eventually centered upon a fundamental characteristic of vitamin K2. As a fat-soluble vitamin unprotected K2 can degrade in certain environments and formulations. Vitamin K2 MK-7 is particularly...


The Bone Health Triangle Dextrose Tablet

... Food Supplement with Calcium, Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3 per Portion% NRV Calcium 120 mg 15 Vitamin K2 MK-7 75 μg 100 Vitamin D3 15 μg 300 Health applicationTarget groupDaily portionShelf life Bone Health ...



... adults, and it follows that many adolescents are likely to be K2 deficient absent supplementation. Vitamin K2 MK-7 is particularly important in these early years as K2 helps incorporate calcium into bones by...



... Food Supplement with Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3 per Portion% NRV Vitamin K2 MK-7 75 μg 100 Vitamin D3 5 μg 100 Health applicationTarget groupDaily portionShelf life Bone Health  Adults, Adolescents, Children ...


K2VITAL Minitabs

... Food Supplement with Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3 per Portion% NRV Vitamin K2 MK-7 35 μg 47 Vitamin D3 10 μg 200 Health application Target group Daily portion Shelf life Bone Health...


K2VITAL Perfect Pair

... Product Concept The micro-nutrients Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3 both contribute to the maintenance of normal bones. Vitamin K2 supports the mineralization of bones. Vitamin D3 contributes to a normal intake of...


The Bone Health Triangle KoACT

... K2VITAL® Puts Calcium in Balance™ Vitamin D3 The Bone Health Triangle® KoACT® includes three strong partners in support of bone health. KoACT® combines calcium and collagen through a unique process that models natural...



... Lactating mothers can increase levels of vitamin K2 in their breast milk by taking K2 Another study showed increased levels of vitamin K in the breast milk of new mothers who took 5 mg/day of vitamin K1. Additionally,...



... All-trans MK-7 Vitamin K2 is a group of structurally similar fat-soluble vitamins, which differ in their isoprenoid chain lengths. These vitamin K2 homologs are called menaquinones and are characterized by the number...


Introduction of K2

...K2 Introduction Vitamin K2 – one Vitamin for both bone and heart health

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