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Kappa's 2019 Formulation LookBook is a compendium of 150 ready-to-launch white-label product concepts that are backed by consumer market reseach, stability trials and established supply chains.

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Free of charge Label Claim Testing

Shelf stability is vital to successful K2 products –ensuring quality to customers and brands.

Do your K2 MK-7 products meet label claim?

Are they pure, all-trans bioactive MK-7?

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The Kappa portfolio of premium ingredients represents a team of Superheroes for the bone and heart dietary supplements health categories.


K2 Academy

Kappa deeply believes in the promise of vitamin K2 MK-7 and has a mission to improve health and well-being globally. Kappa developed the K2 Academy as a learning center on all facets of vitamin K2, from history to health, manufacturing to final formulation. The Academy includes a range of tools in a variety of formats educate new distributors, customers and the public on the promise of K2VITAL®.

K2 Introduction

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The History of K2

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The Different Vitamins in the K Family

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All-trans Means All-bioactive

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K2 Deficiency

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Commercial Market Development

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Bone Health

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Heart Health

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Bioequivalence – Natural vs. Synthetic K2

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K2 Stability

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Kappa Chemistry Custom Synthesis

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Analytical Materials and Methods

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Daily Dosage & Overage

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About Us

The origin of K2VITAL® dates back to 2006, when Norwegian researcher, Dr Inger Reidun Aukrust, together with her team, discovered a process to produce all-trans Vitamin K2, MK-7, using natural compounds such as geraniol and farnesol in a strictly controlled synthesis process. The significance of the process for all-trans vitamin K2 MK-7 has been recognised and patented. For vitamin K’s, two stereo chemical versions can exist: cis and trans forms of the molecule. The cis form remains biologically inactive, while the trans form has a full biological potential.

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