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One of a kind, encapsulated twice

When you care this much about the stability of your vitamin K, encapsulating it once just doesn’t seem like enough. So we made K2VITAL® DELTA, the first double-encapsulated vitamin K2, for stability in most environments.

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K2VITAL® DELTA: our patented solution for exceptional stability

Back in 2012, we discovered that Vitamin K2 degrades in the presence of minerals. Not ideal when it often gets mixed with them. So, we did something about it. We created special double-coated beadlets, build to last.
Now our partners, and their customers, can get on with life, without worrying about shelf-life.

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K2VITAL® DELTA: Superior Stability

It’s common for formulations to combine K2 with calcium or magnesium. The problem is, vitamin K2 isn’t naturally stable in contact with other minerals. The world needed something better. 10 years ago, we gave it K2VITAL® DELTA. Now, 400 tests later, K2VITAL® DELTA is still the go-to format when companies need to make stable, effective products combining K2 and minerals.

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In-house stability testing, so your trust in us is never shaken

That’s when we began an analytical program, testing hundreds of vitamin K2 products, in a range of formats and formulations. We bought them off the shelves, and back to our labs, to see if they were as stable as their label claimed. The tests produced some worrying results:

  • 90% of products tested contained less K2 than claimed on the label
  • 40% had no detectable vitamin K2 at all

Innovations like microencapsulation, or new delivery formats, such as gummies or soft chews, can sometimes make getting to the truth of your product’s vitamin K2 content even harder, but we like a challenge here at Kappa. We’ve pioneered new, advanced analytical methods designed to work with any formulation or composition, so you can see exactly what you’re getting.

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Put the Kappa Solutions team to the test:

We take testing seriously. It’s why we have our very own subsidiary for custom organic synthesis, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and molecular design, and analytical services. We call it Kappa Solutions. Whether it’s custom molecular synthesis, or getting a closer look at stability, across nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals, our pipettes are at the ready.

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About Kappa

Kappa Bioscience AS was founded in Oslo, Norway, in 2006 when a brilliant scientist discovered the synthesis of pure, all-bioactive vitamin K2 MK-7. This essential vitamin helps to direct calcium around our bodies and supports bone and heart health.

From vitamin K2 and turn-key solutions, to research and marketing initiatives, to product launches and growth strategies, Kappa Bioscience AS believes in doing it right. That means developing products and services that set new standards of excellence, made with integrity and through close collaboration.

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"We need the analytical methods that define quality, and work with regulatory bodies like USP and independent labs to ensure consumer protection and that products delivered the K2 quality specified."

Inger Reidun Aukrust, PhD, Vice President of R&D, Kappa Bioscience