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Custom organic synthesis, analytical service, active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) synthesis and production

The demand for custom-made molecules and label claims control is growing, so we’re always growing our offering to stay ahead.

That’s why we offer our partners a completely integrated range of organic chemistry and analytical services, cGMP certified labs and unmatched knowledge of vitamin K2.

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Every I dotted. Every T crossed. We test every label claim , with extensive testing and testing performed to the very highest standards.

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The team at Kappa Solutions don’t just know it all. They started it all too, creating the first-ever synthetic vitamin K2 in large scale. Now, we’re bringing our in house vitamin K experience, cGMP certified lab and analytical and organic chemistry products and services to everyone we partner with. 

We also deliver USP-certified Reference Standard for K2 MK 7: K2VITAL®.

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Analytical Services

Studies have shown that with food supplements, what you see isn’t always what you get, making testing more important than ever before.

Innovations like microencapsulation, or new delivery formats, such as gummies or soft chews, can make getting to the truth even harder. But that hasn’t stopped us pioneering new, advanced analytical methods, designed to work with any formulation or composition, so you can see exactly what you’re getting.

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Custom synthesis and API development

The folks at Kappa Solutions are tireless experts, here to innovate, not iterate. Whether it’s custom synthesis, or API and development of new molecules, we’re ready to help our partners do something new.

Based in a cutting-edge cGMP-certified API contract laboratory, we challenge ourselves to deliver custom synthesis to the highest standards of excellence, without the high price tag. This includes:

Synthesis and production of active pharmaceutical ingredients

  • Development of potentially new drugs
  • Custom synthesis
  • Synthesis of Reference compounds
  • Development and validation of new HPLC methods
  • Perform stability trials according to ICH guidelines

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About Kappa

Kappa Bioscience AS was founded in Oslo, Norway, in 2006 when a brilliant scientist discovered the synthesis of pure, all-bioactive vitamin K2 MK-7. This essential vitamin helps to direct calcium around our bodies and supports bone and heart health.

From vitamin K2 and turn-key solutions, to research and marketing initiatives, to product launches and growth strategies, Kappa Bioscience AS believes in doing it right. That means developing products and services that set new standards of excellence, made with integrity and through close collaboration.

Testimonal from Kappa Bioscience employee Inger Reidun Aukrust, our PhD, Vice President of R&D.
"We offer our partners a completely integrated range of molecular design and analytical services, cGMP certified labs and unmatched knowledge of vitamin K2."

Inger Reidun Aukrust, PhD, Vice President of R&D, Kappa Bioscience