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Kappa is committed to doing it right, proudly giving our all for better health for all, to lead the way in a health and nutrition revolution.


At Kappa, we believe in doing it right. It’s an aspiration. A mindset. But more than that, it’s a promise to make the health and wellbeing market turn a corner, without cutting corners. Doing it right takes a relentless pursuit of excellence, with a team that’s empowered to give everything, and stop at nothing.

It demands integrity in thought, word, and action, so we can work with courage, and honesty, to protect people and our planet. And it means prizing collaboration, always being there for our partners and here for each other.

Doing it right isn’t always the easiest way. And it’s rarely how it’s been done before. We do it because this is how we drive a health and nutrition revolution, where our work has the power to leave the world a better, healthier place than we found it.

For us, doing it the right way, really is the only way to do it.

Welcome to Kappa Bioscience

At Kappa, we believe in better health for all. But better health for all can only work when we all work together. So we don't have customers here. We only have partners. Partners we work with as equals, to build strong, lasting relationships that help us succeed in transforming lives. We pride ourselves on finding likeminded partners that share our passion for all the exciting possibilities of vitamin K2, and our vision to change our industry by doing things differently. Maybe it would be easier to do things the way they’ve always been done, but that’s simply not why we get out of bed in the morning.

If you’re wondering what sets us apart as a company, this website should give some answers. I’ll just leave you with this thought – whatever the future of our industry has in store, we hope you’ll join us in shaping it together.

Egil Greve

Kappa Bioscience Founder

Doing it right

About Kappa

Kappa Bioscience AS was founded in Oslo, Norway, in 2006 when a brilliant scientist discovered the synthesis of pure, all-bioactive vitamin K2 MK-7. This essential vitamin helps to direct calcium around our bodies and supports bone and heart health.

From vitamin K2 and turn-key solutions, to research and marketing initiatives, to product launches and growth strategies, Kappa Bioscience AS believes in doing it right. That means developing products and services that set new standards of excellence, made with integrity and through close collaboration.

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"Ethics outweigh profit when it comes to health, well-being, and safety, and this is not negotiable."

Henriette Bastiansen, VP Quality & Regulatory, Kappa Bioscience