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Calcified Atlantic Seaweed®

Calcified Atlantic Seaweed®

Natural calcium / mineral complex with 28 bone building elements
Made from sustainably harvested Atlantic red algae
Free of chemicals, additives or solvents
32 % more elemental calcium than leading organic calcium sources
Competitive pricing for mass market applications

what is it?

Calcified Atlantic Seaweed® (CAS) is a natural mineral complex, from red algae, rich in calcium, magnesium, iron and several trace minerals. As natural and plant-sourced mineral it is used for various nutritional, nutraceutical and health food applications.


Calcified Atlantic Seaweed® naturally absorbs minerals from the sea during its growth phase. Those minerals calcify to a skeletal structure and mature material settles separately from young and live material on the seabed, where it is harvested sustainably.


Loss on drying%4.0
Particles > 125 µm%~ 33.7
Particles > 63 µm%~ 34.8
Particles > 45 µm%~ 29.5
Particles < 45 µm%~ 2.5

 Calcified Atlantic Seaweed® is an natural product of marine origin and as such, is subject to seasonal varations. All values are typical.

Calcified Atlantic Seaweed® is categorised as a whole-food product and as such suitable for various food and health food applications. As natural marine calcium source it is produced without chemical additives or solvents and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

During production process the Calcified Atlantic Seaweed® is harvested, washed, purified and milled under HACCP and ISO 22000:2005 conditions. Unique treatment ensures lowest microbiological and heavy metal impurities.

Calcified Atlantic Seaweed® provides the body with the essential minerals (Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Iodine and others) needed for bone mineralization.
Vitamin D3 helps the body to absorb Calcium.
Vitamin K2 activates a protein (Osteocalcin) that stores Calcium into the bone mineral matrix.

the bone health triangle

Ask us about our proven formulation and stability data on all inclusive “Bone Health Formulations”,including Calcified Atlantic Seaweed®, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 as MK-7. An integral part of any bone health formulation, Calcified Atlantic Seaweed® may have the ability to rejuvenate existing products in the market or excite with new mainstream formulation.


Calcified Atlantic Seaweed® meets EFSA, FDA and TGA compositional guidelines and is available in 2 formats – standard and granulated (directly compressible) to allow a variety of dietary applications. Ask for further information on Kappa Ingredients 150 + “ready made formulations” for a faster product development process. At a 32 % elemental calcium content – it allows for the use of consumer friendly tablet /capsule size. For instance 30 % smaller capsules than those made from calcium citrate!

financial freedom

Traditionally, marine sourced calcium can be cost prohibitive for mainstream applications. Calcified Atlantic Seaweed® is breaking this cycle by delivering cost benefits normally associated with lower value calcium sources. Designed and priced with mainstream markets in mind, suitable for new or formulation improvement application. Strengthen your marketing messages with this all natural solution.

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