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Look Beyond the Label

Does Your Vitamin K2 Measure up to TruQuality?

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K2VITAL Quality Assurance: Superior Purity in Vitamin K2-MK7

Discovering Gaps in Dietary Supplements: Brand vs. Reality

With K2VITAL®, we've dedicated ourselves to improving the quality of Vitamin K2 products through rigorous testing and innovation. Over several years, we have tested more than 400 products. We published the first K2 market report in 2019, and the results have been eye-opening.

Ever since, we have frequently discovered that products fail to meet their label claims.

We aim to lead the TruQuality revolution for transparency and excellence.
Our commitment to delivering products that meet label claims and provide health benefits drives us. We've enhanced our testing and quality control processes and decided to partner with a third-party lab for a testing program, so K2VITAL® is at the forefront of Vitamin K2 quality. Join us in making a positive impact with pure, effective, reliable products.

Our deep commitment to quality and excellence has led us to develop a pioneering report, investigating just how many supplements out there aren‘t living up to their labels.

Working together with a third party laboratory, we tested 38 K2 products for MK-7 content and isomeric purity.
The products we tested range from products containing vitamin K2 only, to K2+ mineral formulations. Initial results showed that just half of these products met the standard for K2 MK-7 content.

As a second step, we took a closer look at isomeric purity, which presented some eye-opening results. Test results showed that just 29% of the 38 products we tested met the required standards for both K2 MK-7 content and isomeric purity, and a grand total of 71% didn‘t meet the quality standards for either K2 MK-7 content or isomeric purity.

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What lies beneath the surface

From vitamins to minerals, dietary supplements are pivotal in the modern wellness space. But a troubling trend has cast a shadow, as more products race to market: products that fall short of their label claims. This isn’t just a hiccup, it’s a deep-rooted issue in the Vitamin K2 market.

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Going Beyond the Surface

What’s behind the misrepresentation of dietary supplements?

  • Regulatory gaps
  • Lack of standardized testing
  • Inconsistent quality control practices

Together, these mean that many health products are leaving consumers confused instead of confident.  

Measure Your Vitamin K2 with TruQuality

Quality, Purity, and Stability

Three Pillars for Excellence

Quality, purity, and stability are the foundation of a good dietary supplement, but many of the vitamin K2 supplements sold online just don't make the cut.

The Isomer Imbalance

A Hidden Obstacle to Bioactivity

Many online retailer products lack bioactivity, due to their high cis isomer content - trans isomers are efficient and more stable. This disparity between what the label says, and what the product does, can leave consumers disappointed with the results.

Vulnerability of Vitamin K2

The Impact of Formulation

K2's power depends on its stability, especially when mingling with other nutrients and minerals. K2VITAL® DELTA is crafted with double encapsulation and engineered to withstand harsh environments. Many other vitamins lack our powerful shield, which means they crumble when their claims are put to the test, unable to deliver on their promise of vitamin K2 content.

Shedding Light on the Truth

In-depth Testing and Findings

To better understand the supplement landscape, we extensively examined 38 vitamin K2 products for MK-7 content and isomeric purity that are currently available through online retailers. With a meticulous testing process conducted by a reputable third-party laboratory, what we found was startling: <65% of these products didn’t live up to claims printed on their label. We need to do better and do it right.

Time to Embrace Transparency and Accountability

We can rebuild the reputation of the dietary supplements industry if we make an industry-wide change.
Here’s our proposal for manufacturers and consumers alike:

We’re asking manufacturers to:

  • prioritize transparency
  • uphold accurate labeling
  • embrace rigorous testing protocols

We’re asking consumers to:

  • Research brands before buying
  • Hold brands accountable
  • See the benefits these products produce

If we can do this together, we’re creating a future where what people see on the label is really what they get.


Our ingredient has been rigorously tested in +400 stability tests and is proven to be of high quality and isomeric purity— vitamin K2 MK-7 typically 99.7% all-trans.

At Kappa Bioscience, now a Balchem company, we set industry standards and making, safe, quality products and delivering services and value to shape an honest industry’s future.

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Give them health they can count on

Your customers deserve pure, high quality and stable vitamin K2, not false promises. If you’re ready to add K2VITAL to your next supplement line, drop our K2 Experts a message to get details about our label claim program and ingredient possibilities.

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About Kappa

Kappa Bioscience AS was founded in Oslo, Norway, in 2006 when a brilliant scientist discovered the synthesis of pure, all-bioactive vitamin K2 MK-7. This essential vitamin helps to direct calcium around our bodies and supports bone and heart health.

From vitamin K2 and turn-key solutions, to research and marketing initiatives, to product launches and growth strategies, Kappa Bioscience AS believes in doing it right. That means developing products and services that set new standards of excellence, made with integrity and through close collaboration.

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"Through K2VITAL, our aim is to raise the awareness and standard of quality for Vitamin K2 MK-7. We're fully committed to raising the bar in K2 products through a commitment to quality, transparency, and innovative Vitamin K2 MK-7 solutions."

Thies Ripcke, Marketing & BD Director, Kappa Bioscience a Balchem Company