Kappa Bioscience unveils strengthened offering as part of Balchem’s Human Nutrition & Health portfolio at Vitafoods Europe 2023

Kappa Bioscience, Booth J80 Vitafoods, Geneva, Switzerland, 9-12 May 2023

Oslo, Norway, April 2023 - Kappa Bioscience ®, the leading manufacturer of vitamin K2 under the brand name K2VITAL®, is set to showcase the synergies between its K2VITAL® all-trans vitamin K2 MK-7 ingredients, and the wider Balchem Human Nutrition & Health (HN&H) portfolio for the first time at Vitafoods Europe from 9-12 May 2023. This marks the first major milestone in Kappa Bioscience’s integration with the Balchem group following the acquisition last year. Committed to staying true to its new motto ‘A new era has begun. Making the world a healthier place’, the company pledges to take product innovation to the next level with the newly merged Kappa-Balchem portfolio, paving the way for ingredient combinations that have never been explored before.

“At this year’s exhibition we’re shining a spotlight on how our K2VITAL® range can be combined with the wider Balchem product portfolio to address a multitude of on-trend health segments that are all centred on the themes of longevity and performance,” comments Dominik Mattern, VP Science, Business Development and Marketing Balchem Human Nutrition and Health (formerly EVP Marketing at Kappa). “The number of adults over 65 globally is expected to double by 2050.  As life expectancy continues to rise, we expect to see increasing demand for supplements that can help people to live stronger for longer, so there is an exciting market opportunity for innovation in this space.”

New synergies to deliver next generation longevity and cognition solutions

Chelated and speciality minerals, the heart of Balchem’s Albion® Minerals portfolio, boasts over 200 scientific studies, dozens of patents and nearly 80 completed clinical trials, covering a multitude of health benefits. Highly bioavailable and with greater tolerability than inorganic minerals, organic mineral amino acid chelates allow a reduced cost in use for CPGs. And, when used in combination with ingredients patented for mineral combinations such as K2VITAL® DELTA, can offer an important competitive advantage in cardiovascular and bone health.
Also available on stand will be OptiMSM®. Balchem’s branded methylsulfonylmethane ingredient is known for its unmatched purity, safety and consistency standards. OptiMSM’s versatility represents an infinite source of inspiration to innovate within the latest consumer trends in the growing areas of joint health, beauty from within and exercise recovery.
European manufacturers looking to expand into liver health are invited to stop by stand J80 and find out about VitaCholine®. It supports normal lipid and homocysteine metabolism and liver function but is best known for its inclusion in prenatal and infant products. VitaCholine® contains choline, which is a key building block of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that helps the brain send messages. Backed by sound science from manufacturing processes to food applications, the premier source of choline on the market can open the doors to untapped opportunities.

Exploring new functional food formats

As interest in functional food formats continues to rise, Kappa Bioscience will also highlight innovation opportunities with K2VITAL® DELTA - the world’s only patented microencapsulated vitamin K2 preparation, which is optimally stable (supported in over 400 tests) for mineral formulations. Thanks to its cold water dispersibility features, K2VITAL® DELTA can be incorporated into functional food formats such as dairy and plant-based drinks, canned energy drinks, smoothie powders, and more.

As part of the Vitafoods Europe exhibition programme, Lena Leder - Manager Science & Content, Kappa Bioscience - will be delivering a presentation alongside Balchem’s Strategic Development Manager, Nutrition Science, Eric Ciappio, in the New Ingredients Theatre (E70) at 11:30am on Tuesday 9th May titled Innovation Throughout the Lifespan: Utilizing Novel Ingredients To Support Product Development. Visitors are invited to attend the presentation to find out more about the research behind synergies between K2VITAL® and the wider Balchem HN&H portfolio to power new product innovation.

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